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Come and discover our medical equipment best sellers. Our products will suit your needs whether you are a health care professional, a medical student or a private individual. You would like to benefit of the best prices on the medical products and benefit of the best discount.

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The health sector is innovating a little more every day. This is why Girodmedical is constantly striving to provide you the best medical equipment which will absolutely meet the latest health and quality standards. Our experts select the best paramedical equipment for you and give you the necessary advice when you are shopping online.
  1. Description du Mannequin de Sauvetage Acquatique Adulte Erler Zimmer R10092-1
    Normale prijs € 1.450,80 Speciale prijs € 1.421,78

    Save € 29,02 ( 2 % )

  2. Seringues 3 pièces 50 ml excentré Terumo boîte de 25
    Normale prijs € 16,15 Speciale prijs € 15,80

    Save € 0,35 ( 2 % )

  3. Silla de ruedas Topaz Invacare
    Vanaf € 2.599,99

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Girodmedical’s partners were selected for their experience in the medical sector and the quality of their products. We guarantee you that we are a reliable medical equipment supplier. There are now more than 130 manufacturers working with us, always with the aim of providing you the highest possible quality of service. Girodmedical offers you the best brands of medical equipment but the best . You want to discover the brands in our catalogue? Do not hesitate, come and have a look!
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